Our client was interested in streamlining the traditional way to order a drink. The goal is to benefit both the customer, by eliminating queues and simplifying payment, and the venue, by providing unparalleled customer data and a proven sales boost. We collaborated to form PUSH, which brings technology into the bar experience while keeping the focus on the human connections.

How It Works

PUSH allows customers to engage directly with a bar via a sleek mobile app. Nearby venues supported by PUSH are aggregated into a personalised list, and the app will set up transportation through CityMapper or Uber once a location is chosen. Once inside the venue, customers gain access to its full menu - where they can order and pay for food or drink in just two taps.

The customer’s order is sent to our bespoke PUSH system behind the bar on which staff can view and accept incoming orders. Bar staff also declare orders delivered or ready for collection, depending on the customer’s preference. Delivery is supported by iBeacon technology that automatically picks up where the customer is located within the venue. The customer is kept up to date with their order’s status in real time, and randomised 'code words' can be communicated between the server and customer to avoid mixing up delivery.

For each order through the PUSH system, staff can view key metrics that, when utilised effectively, will drive customer loyalty. Venues are able to see the name of their customers, how often they visit and how much they spend. Venues can also flag key customers to ensure they are treated as key customers should be.

The selling point to venues is grounded in the idea that increased efficiency and quality of customer service will boost sales. Further, the flexibility of a real-time system offers a plethora of business opportunities from social media engagement and direct advertising, to potential partnerships with brands that are statistically proven successful at the venue.


Our first venue to go live was Zebrano, a privately owned chain of three fashionable bars in London. During our first pilot week live at Zebrano, we took £1,000 of sales through PUSH. In practice, we have discovered that even without a queue, it is highly beneficial to order through our app - it removes any extraneous effort from the ordering process. We compared service times between our app and going to the bar during busy hours: using PUSH took approximately half the time for the drinks to arrive at the table, allowing for more time to drink - and the opportunity to order more.

Our first successful launch will give us the proven results we need to expand. Zebrano encourages customers booking a table to download the app and offer a free shot with every order coming in through PUSH. This marketing support and QR code table tents throughout the venue have created a name for PUSH.

What's Next

We've landed a couple of partnerships since our first venue launch, which we're excited to share with you soon. Visit the PUSH website to download the app and see it for yourself!