Man & Moon have been working with AngloINFO for over six years, helping them to become the world’s largest network for English speakers living abroad. In 2014, AngloINFO asked us to help take their online presence further.

Their intentions were twofold: to increase revenue with a paid membership tier, and to help users find an online community through their service. We were tasked with reimagining their ecosystem whilst maintaining recognisability for their current user base of 3 million expats spread across the four corners.


When Man & Moon looks at a project, we don’t take anything for granted. We started at the very core, asking ourselves what people actually want from AngloINFO. Arriving in a new city without any local knowledge or grasp of the language can be incredibly daunting, and there are a multitude of problems that users may be looking to AngloINFO to solve.

We needed to rethink the way AngloINFO present their vast expanse of content, to allow users to easily navigate to the relevant information as quickly and easily as possible.

User-Centered Design

Making something better means admitting what’s not working. We ended up deleting close to 40% of AngloINFO’s existing site, focusing our efforts only on the parts we really believed in. We went back to basics, rebuilding the site map with a whole new user journey in mind.

We used wireframe prototypes to validate our thinking at every step of the way. To ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience, we approached every design challenge from the point of view of the user, trialling the whole range of personas that form AngloINFO’s user base.


Our expert strategy helped AngloINFO achieve every one of their rebranding goals. The new tier of paid membership unlocks a trove of brand new features to ensure no loss of functionality for existing free subscribers. Paying members now find themselves part of an active expat community, in which they can connect and chat to other members nearby.

To escalate revenue by increasing page views, many websites force users to click through multiple pages to find their content. Our process is much more organic: by building a website that cares first and foremost about the user experience, visitors’ needs will be easily satisfied — therefore creating trust in the service.

Every piece of content on the site is now interactive, encouraging all visitors to the site to comment, to question, and to support each other in their new lives across the globe. By encouraging interactivity, users are more inclined follow up with a return visit. Our approach boosts page views far beyond those generated by an artificial and convoluted user journey.

Man & Moon are invested in our client’s great ideas, and we have loved helping AngloINFO evolve their already fantastic product into something even more rewarding. We look forward to problem solving with them again in the future!